Water & wastewater whitepaper (1)


U.S. water and wastewater infrastructure is under pressure: How FSM software can help

What’s Inside?

Communities in the US are facing pressure on their water and wastewater infrastructure, and utility companies need to adapt to shortages, aging systems, and customer demands. Data plays a crucial role in facilitating communication and decision-making, while systems that automate processes and collect accurate data can help alleviate the pressure on water and wastewater infrastructure.

Read our latest whitepaper to gain an understanding of how data on water and wastewater, and technology systems like best-of-breed field service software, work in conjunction to reduce pressures on the field service management industry.


  • Overview: The big picture challenge
  • The moving parts of water and wastewater infrastructure
  • The importance of best-of-breed technology
  • Tips on how to leverage the right software to reduce the pressure

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